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Wesley Biblical Seminary publishes a free podcast of various events, including special chapel services, commencement ceremonies, conference lectures, and more.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

Senior Chapel

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Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon
Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

founder and Chief Executive Director World Hope International


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Rev. Reuben Lang'at
Senior Chapel

Rev. Reuben Lang'at

"The One God Uses"
II Kings, Chapters 2-4

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Rev. Jasper Bacon
Rev. Jasper Bacon

Founder of "In His Steps Ministries"


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Dr. Stephen Flick Dr. Stephen Flick

Pastor, Riverside Independent Methodist Church

Flowood, MS


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Rev. Charles Elliott
Rev. Charles Elliott
VP of Academic Affairs
Wesley College
Florence, MS
"Clues to Self-Deception"

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Dr. Ronald Smith
A Service of Holy Communion
Wesley Biblical Seminary
Maundy Thursday
April 5, 2007
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Dr. Steve Blakemore
Dr. Steve Blakemore, Executive Director of Third Millenium Faith


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