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Wesley Biblical Seminary publishes a free podcast of various events, including special chapel services, commencement ceremonies, conference lectures, and more.

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Dr. Becky Luman WBS invites you to hear Dr. Luman as she brings us the Word during our Tuesday morning chapel time.

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Rev. Lawrence Ettu Listen to Rev. Ettu as he speaks during our Thursday morning chapel.  Rev. Ettu is the provost of West Africa Theological Seminary.

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Dr. John Oswalt Come listen to Dr. Oswalt as he brings us the Word.

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Dr. Gareth Cockerill
Come listen to Dr. Cockerill as he brings us the Word.

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Dr. Ray Easley 2-23-07 Listen to Dr. Ray Easley as he speaks during our Tuesday morning Chapel time.
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Mr. Scot Thigpen WBS invites you to listen Mr. Scot Thigpen as he brings us the Word.  Please excuse the diminished quality of the recording towards the end of the podcast. 
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Rev. Brian Eckhardt
"Leaders Who Know God"

We invite you to listen to Rev. Brian Eckhardt as he brings the Word.  Rev. Eckhardt is the General Superintendent of the Evangelical Church.

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Dr. Matt Frideman Listen to Dr. Friedeman as he brings us the Word during Thurday morning chapel.
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