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Wesley Biblical Seminary publishes a free podcast of various events, including special chapel services, commencement ceremonies, conference lectures, and more.

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Mr. Billy Coppedge Mr. Coppedge and his wife, Joanna are beloved members of the WBS community.  Both are scheduled to graduate this May as members of our class of 2006.  The Coppedges will be leaving on mission to Uganda this coming fall, where they hope to further the work and ministry with World Gospel Mission in the northern region of the country.
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Pres. Ronald Smith "The Palms of His Passion"
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Mr. Troy Gentry WBS welcomes you to listen to Mr. Troy Gentry. Troy is one of our graduating seniors, and is the supervisor of our maintenance department. He also pastors a local church.
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Rev. Tom Halford WBS invites you to listen to Rev. Tom Halford. Rev. Halford is WBS's Vice-President for Student Development.
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Mr. Michael Smith WBS invites to listen to Mr. Michael Smith speaker during our morning chapel time.  Mr. Smith will graduate May 20, 2006.
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Dr. Gary Cockerill WBS invites you to listen to Dr. Gary Cockerill.  Dr. Cockerill is our Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology.
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Dr. John Oswalt Dr. Oswalt is WBS's Research Professor of Old Testament. We invite you to listen to him as he brings us the Word during our Tuesday morning chapel session. 4/4/06
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