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Wesley Biblical Seminary publishes a free podcast of various events, including special chapel services, commencement ceremonies, conference lectures, and more.

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Rev. Heather Hensarling
Rev. Heather Hensarling

Luke 13:1-9  "In Fits and Starts: How Our Faith Grows"


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Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer
Dr. Chris Lohrstorfer

Luke 15:1-7  "Risky Business"

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Dr. Philip Knight
Dr. Philip Knight

President of Congregational Methodist Church

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Rev. LeYonn Armstrong WBS invites you to listen to Rev. Armstrong as he brings us the Word.


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Dr. Bill Ury
"Vast is His Love"

A Lenten Meditation


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Rev. David Steveline WBS invites you to listen to Rev. Steveline as he preaches during Tuesday morning chapel.
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Rev. Glynn Pope Glynn is an ordained minister of the Congregational Methodist Church. He is the second of three sons born to Donnie and Glenda Pope, missionaries 33 years in Mexico and the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  He is a graduate of Wesley College in Florence, Mississippi, and Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.  In ministry since 1988, Glynn is currently serving as chairman for the Mississippi Annual Conference of Congregational Methodists.

He, his wife Angela, and their three children live in Byram, Mississippi.

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