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Wesley Biblical Seminary publishes a free podcast of various events, including special chapel services, commencement ceremonies, conference lectures, and more.

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Commencement Address 2006 - Dr. Dennis Kinlaw We invite you to listen to Dr. Dennis Kinlaw deliver WBS's 2006 Commencement address. Please check out http://www.francisasburysociety.com/kinlaw.htm for Dr. Kinlaw's biographical information.
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President Ronald Smith WBS invites you to listen to President Smith as he delivers the final message of the Spring 2006 semester.
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Mr. Scott Engebretson Scott Engebretson, Assistant to the President. "Tear Your Hearts" - Joel 2:12-17
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Mrs. Joanna Coppedge We invite you to listen to Joanna Coppedge share her testimoney during our Thursday morning chapel time. Joanna and her husband Billy are seniors here at WBS, and plan on going to Uganda after graduation.
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Mrs. Kathy O'Donnell WBS invites you to listen to Kathy O'Donnell share during our Thursday chapel time. We know you'll enjoy her sharing of three extraordinary stories of people she has met while on the mission field.
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Mr. Stephen Smith Mr. Smith is graduating senior here at WBS. We invite you to listen.
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Rev. David Steveline 4-27-06 Rev. Steveline is the Director of Library Services here at WBS. We invite you to listen to his message.
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